With the most ethnically diversified population in China (there lives 52

of the countries 56 ethnic groups, among which 5 have a population of greater than A million, and 9 over 100 thousand), Yunnan is no doubt a unique province, which suggests it also has very special women.Their looks and

methods of dressing may vary from group to group, but they do share quite a lot common traits with regards to personality and the way they carry themselves.Innocent, enthusiastic, honest and natural

are some of the words people usually first come up with whenever they imagine Yunnan women, particularly those of minority background. In addition to various customs and rites of each ethnic group, minority girls, and even Han women living in Yunnan province, are generally considered more open and outgoing than those from other Chinese provinces.
Because of a huge number of tourists every year, women there have the opportunity to meet all kinds of people from different parts of the planet and therefore are usually quite comfortable being around people of different cultural background.To date a Yunnan woman, though, one still

has to pay extra focus to the tradition of the girl’s ethnic group or family, which depends upon specific cases. Fortunately, so long as one shows enough respect and acts reasonable, traditional customs wouldn’t be a big problem.

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