Just Imagine green slopes overlaid with bright flowers in full bloom and rising peaks overlooking blue rivers dotted with leaves of various shapes. If such a quiet splendid spectacle of a particular interest does exist on the planet, then certainly on the island of Taiwan. The charming island, once renowned as one of the Four Asian Tigers, boasts amazing economic growth that attracts the attention of the world.

Girls living
within this island are frequently compared to fairies from wonderland. On one side, they inherently possess saccharine voices giving you creeps, in a good way. Such childlike accents (“wa wa yin”) instantly set local girls apart from their counterpart in other provinces. On the contrary, similar to little imps boasts fairy dust, the independent local girls have their own magic touch to turn the island into a better place to live. They participate in various political activities and campaign for less discrimination against women. Tsai Ing-wen, the president of Democratic Progressive Party, is an aptly illustrated example.The ideal way to date an independent girl is to offer her enough latitude along with a number of choices. Male chauvinism is only going to move you along a slippery slope into alienating Taiwan girls. Instead, just help them stand tall and attain success.

Many foreigners
are found confused about Taiwan and Thailand. Make sure that you want beautiful Taiwanese girls rather than female Thailanders who may turn out to be ladyboys. 
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