Chongqing is the biggest city in China and it is one of the landmarks of Sichuan province, although not part of Sichuan anymore. Now it is amongst four Chinese districts. Nevertheless, this didn’t influence the mentality of the local women.Chongqing womenare no exception from women in Sichuan.They are aware how to party, understand how to relax and for those who are prepared to eat spicy food and cope with their spicy temper, Chongqing is the right location to be. What is unknown among expats in China, it is pretty known among Chinese – these women are true experts in dressing up. Some of the best dressed women in China are certainly not in Shanghai, much less Beijing, or Guangzhou, but in Chongqing and Chengdu. It is pretty common for expats coming the very first time to Sichuan to lose their mind over one of the Chongqing la meizi or spicy girls.Still, as much as

they are fun to get along with, and regardless of the fact that they will give you a time of your life, there exists a decent chance you will end up broken hearted, because most of these women that expats meet in a bar or street will use them just for fun, or have fun with their mind and soul until they get tired. But, should they fall in love, they never let go and remain faithful.

One other thing, Chongqing people are famous for being very loud people who love to curse a lot, so Chongqing women husbands or boyfriends more than often witness loud fights loaded with nasty courses in Chongqinghua, and of course loud phone calls to her mother and father.

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