So you have finally found the Chinese girl you have always wanted and you’re both madly in love with each other. Your Chinese girl can’t stop preaching about marriage and you realise that the time has come for you to take the ultimate test. It is now time to meet up with your Chinese in-laws. You can take a look at this article about Chinese girls.

Before you leap into the danger zone, you may want to make sure you find out just as much as you are able to concerning the people you are going to meet. Fortunately that for better or for worst, they can’t wait to see you. The bad news is that they are bringing the entire family along. Expect to be officially introduced to the family during a formal dinner and be prepared to have all your eyes on you. Being interrogated by your future Chinese family is not always a bad thing, but there are a few situations that you should be cautious about.
Giving your in-laws gifts is a gentle gesture that might be greatly appreciated. Make sure you choose something presentable and avoid cheap presents. It is far better to show up with nothing than to give the wrong gift. Since Chinese people are very superstitious, the wrong gift might mean a variety of things, which would go unobserved to the foreign eye. Make sure you never wrap anything in white paper as the color white is China is directly linked with the idea of death. Avoid other controversial gifts like wall clocks, chrysanths and mirrors.

After you make your grand entrance, you can expect to most likely be guided to the table around which the family will gather to celebrate your coming. While at the table, you need to try a little bit of every dish and remember to compliment the food. Remember that nourishment is critical in China as well as your new Chinese family will likely not stop feeding you till you declare that you beg for mercy! One important thing to keep in mind is that the Chinese are a very nationalist people; and that means you will save yourself a lot of trouble if you avoid talking about Chinese politics in general. If you wish to impress your family with your knowledge of their country, then adhere to mentioning the places you enjoy in China or perhaps your admiration for their culture. Whatever you choose to do, never commence to speak about Taiwan, Japan, Tibet or other sensitive subjects. Chances are someone will almost always disagree with you and your friendly family dinner will likely develop into a political battle ground.

Drinking large amounts of alcohol is another common habit during special occasions. The chinese seem to believe that most foreigners are big drinkers, so you will be urged to gambei the night away along with them. If drinking isn’t your lifestyle, then have at least one round to please baba and then excuse yourself pleading health reasons. When toasting, don’t forget to show your humbleness be preserving your glass lower than everyone else’s. In case you smoke, then try and sit close to your father-in-law and offer him a light as he pulls out his box of smokes.Keep in mind that what your Chinese in-laws will surely be curious about two things: Can you support their daughter and are you a good man. It basically comes down to if you have a stable job, own a property as well as a car. In the event you fit this profile, than the winds are in your favor and all you will have to do is ensure they understand exactly how much you care about their girl. If you don’t possess a secure job, don’t possess a property and are driving a bicycle as opposed to a car, then you’ll definitely definitely end up being creative; however its not all is lost. Not all Chinese parents are traditional and they also could possibly be willing to give you their blessing if they are convinced of your adoration for their daughter. Independent of your financial situation, you will win a substantial amount of points in case you remain modest. Modesty is something that a majority of Chinese admire and avoiding boasting about yourself will do wonders with regard to your popularity.

Since convincing your Chinese in-laws that you’re a good guy is what´s for dinner, then you better figure out how to do it right. The vital thing you need to remember is that Chinese people express affection a great deal more through actions than through words. Which means you will get a great deal more points with your in-laws when they see you treating your beautiful Chinese girlfriend kindly and with respect when compared with telling them every 5 minutes simply how much you care about their daughter. Another essential thing that you ought to know is usually that the Chinese are inclined to look after their parents in addition to their partner´s parents as well. Try showing concern for your mother-in-law and then make her believe that she could be able to trust you as she grows older. Family members are very important in China and your main task will be to make yourself fit in. Being a foreigner, you’ll always be a little bit of an outcast, but understand Chinese traditions and culture will actually help your new Chinese family understand and accept you. In recent times, China is packed with male foreigners who insist to play with the feelings of innocent Chinese girls. Escape this stereotype by being true to your Chinese girlfriend and keeping honesty on your right-hand side. After you have their trust, they’re going to open a door which will always greet you in good and bad times alike.

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